Sunday, February 14, 2010

Willis Got Talent!

Today our church had a fundraiser and talent show for an upcoming mission trip, Casas Por Cristo in Mexico, of which John is planning on going and participating in. The talent show was called Willis Got Talent and Cheyenne and Courtney were part of the talent.

Cheyenne and the Harmony Hoppers were dressed as California Raisins and danced to I Heard it thru the Grapevine.

And Courtney sang Imagine Me Without You. She did great as usual and blew everyone away. She was next to last to sing out of about 16 acts and everyone was starting to clean up and it was a little noisy but I noticed when she started singing it got quiet and people were listening. People were coming up afterward asking is that the shy little girl in class that sits by herself and doesn't talk or participate. Yup! That would be our Court! But she did awesome and we are so proud.
She also sang While I'm Waiting, the song from the Fireproof movie, a couple of weeks ago at Grace Baptist. She picked the song for John because she said it reminded her of his life right now, and we are EXTREMELY proud of him and all the changes he's made in his life and our family.

And  that was our day!

 The rest of the week will be spent in a very exciting manner....Potty Training!!!Whoopie...Pray for us!HA!

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