Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tales from the toliet!

Well we are on day 2 of potty training. Yes there is a whole lot of 'pottyin' going on around here.

And so far he's done better than I expected....sort of! As long as he''au naturale', or 'commando' as John calls it, he does great, no accidents, goes all by himself, I don't even have to ask or remind him. He goes potty, stands up and applauds himself and then brings the cup thing to me to go flush (potty is in kitchen for now), and he goes back to his playing. He doesn't even care about the m&m rewards, that was Chey's favorite part when potty training, now she eats them for him.
But.....put undies on him......


and he treats it like a diaper. He does come tell me afterwards though. Then take them off, and he does great again. Sigh!!!

I'm sure he'll get it eventually, he does understand the basic concept of when he needs to go so I know he's ready, I guess when he gets tired of feeling the wetness it will click. Obviously the 'gentle breeze' don't bother him.

My little man is becoming a very big boy!

And speaking of my little man, for those of you that don't get to see him often I thought I'd give you some current stats...
*He's 2 months shy of turning 2 years old (or 2 old as Chey said at that age)
*His favorite beverage of choice is sweet tea, thats ALL he wants lately
*All smallish animals are dogs such as cats, chickens, pigs and all large animals are horses, like cows, elephants, giraffes
*He's a camera hog, get out the camera and he comes running, eyes squinting shut, grinning and saying cheeeeeees
*He LOVES to take a bath, HATES to get his hair washed, I'm talking kicking, screaming bloody murder hates to get his hair washed.
*And speaking of hair, he loves it. If he's drinking a cup his other hand is attached to his hair, if he can't reach his, he plays with mine, which is what he did before he grew his own. (I guess his hair is to him like Chey's dog is to her)
*He's a daddy's boy, if John's home, he won't leave his side, if John's gone he gets my phone and somehow manages to call several times a day. (No telling who else he's called)
*And he loves, loves, loves the outdoors...rain, shine, hot or cold he don't care he just wants outside. He puts on whatever shoes he can find, usually Chey's and usually not matching and then begs whoever will listen to go byebye which just means outside.
*And lastly, he's always smiling (unless he's sick)

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