Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Team Impact

Tonight was the first night of Team Impact at our Church and it went great, large crowd, big group came forward at the end. Praying for bigger crowds and many more to make decisions this week.

Cheyenne enjoyed having them sign her shirt and get pictures with them!

Courtney got autographs but wouldn't take a picture with them, and Chase and Britt had friends come so they were hanging out talking at the end, and Ryan could care less.

And for a potty update (like you really care): He went all day with only 2 accidents, one was on the way home, he did tell us but we were nowhere near a bathroom and he couldn't hold it, and then right before bed he had another accident. But it was 10pm, so he was WAY past his bedtime so I know he was tired and had had a long day.

I thought that was very good after only 3 days, and we were out most of the day, library storytime in morning, and church that night (and we were at church for almost 4 hours). He also wore undies all day with no problems AND used the 'big potty' while we were out, at home he'd only used his potty chair. We really got to work on that aim though!

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