Thursday, October 28, 2010

Follow the yellow brick road.....

We followed the yellow brick road all the way to the Library for a party, where all the library ladies were dressed up as wizard of oz characters. Then, we watched a marrionette puppet show.
And I found these two "characters" along the road.
Ariel the Mermaid
Sherriff Ryan fastest gun in the west
He kept saying 'nee haw' instead of yeehaw!
We got TONS of candy and snacks and had fun playing with friends!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Christians are alot like Pumpkins

   Being a christian is alot like being a pumpkin,
God picks you from the patch,
Brings you in, and washes all the dirt off of you.
Then, He cuts off the top and scoops out all the yucky stuff,
He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc.
And He carves you a new smiling face
And puts His light inside you to shine for all the world to see!

Happy Fall Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Poem

We had our first official Sunday at our new church on Oct 17, and this was a poem written and read by one of the members.


Benui Baptist Church
Has ended its important search
For on this October 17, 2010 day
A new chapter of Benui history makes headway.

We extend a warm welcome to you
John Heuermann and your crew.
As Benui's first minister of youth
This is a long awaited moment of truth.

May God be your guide
And bless this uncharted ride.
The Benui family offers a helping hand
And unending prayers to make this venture grand.

Let hearts be open to this new fresh road.
May success and God's love explode.
We praise God for leading John to Benui.
Lord bless this youth program-to you we glorify.
     -Jo Ellen Caldwell-

How's that for a welcome! Plus we got a fried chicken dinner, can't beat that.

It's just hard to believe that 18 months ago John was laid off work and we had no idea what would happen next. We never imagined we'd be where we are now though. Three months before that, the Lord gave me a verse Jer. 29:11...For I know the plans I have for you....I even wrote in my journal that I had a feeling we were going to go thru some tough times and He must want me to remember that He had a plan for a future and a hope. God is always faithful, even when we aren't. His ways are not our ways and I praise Him for that. Our future and hope is so much much brighter and more enjoyable now. To God be the Glory!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Willis Homecoming 2010

Brittany Heuermann
Rhett Dunson

Rhett's Mom made the mums!

Friday night was the homecoming game
Saturday night the homecoming dance

And the entire time we were trying to take pictures I had these two photo hams constantly in the way.
I finally had to bribe them with ice cream to get them out of the way.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brittany's Birthday Party

We had Brittany's 16th Birthday Party today!
She had about 10 friends show up!
We grilled hot dogs and had dips and chips
Moose cake
Ice Cream sundae's
As you can see Ryan enjoyed his!
Then they entertained themselves with games like this one, Ninja.
and this one
Big Booty....what ever happened to pin the tail on the donkey? Ha!
And then the Youth Pastor came out and picked them all up and took them to a Jesus Jam concert up the road at the Lonestar Convention Center.
So we are now enjoying some peace and quiet! AHHH!

And tomorrow Brittany is going to Rhett's house after church and him and his family are fixing her lunch for her Birthday!

So I think our sweet Brittany is enjoying being 16!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Students

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week we are introducing our students. (Like I don't have enough pictures of them on here already)

So here's our 2010-2011 student line up:

Brittany-10th grade

Britt's my super sweet right hand girl, she has a servant's heart and is always willing to lend a hand. She's out going yet shy and loves all things babies and animals. She loves arts and crafts and always has a mess craft going on.
Courtney-8th grade

Court's my wild and crazy kid that keeps me on my toes, giving me gray hair and an ulcer or two. She has a heart of gold and would give the shirt off her back to someone in need. She has a beautiful voice and loves to use it for the Lord. She loves to read and learning to crochet.


Our class clown! Chey keeps us laughing. She loves life and has the sweetest spirit. She loves to embarass her sisters and doesn't like being left out when the big kids are over, she has to be in the middle of everything. She loves the spotlight.


My lil man, he thinks he's as big as everyone else yet still wants to be cuddled. He has a hair fettish going on, loves to play with moms and if mines not available will use his own, and unlike his biggest sister is not fond of animals. He's an artist in training, trains on my walls, furniture, toliet seat and himself. But who could get mad when he flashes that cute lil smile and big blue eyes.

And we've added a student to the line up:
Dad-The College of Biblical Studies

Ok, he's not my student, but he'll be studying here this year too.We are super proud of dad, he's been called to the mission field, so he's starting school to prepare for whatever lies ahead. It's been a lonnng time since he was in school so it will be tough, but we know he can do it and we'll be his biggest cheerleaders.

And that's the class for this year.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Homeschool Room

Not Back to School Blog Hop

This week on the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop is a tour of our Homeschool Room.

For us, that space would be our small family room. Luckily this room is on the opposite side of the house from our living room so if someone happens to stop by they won't see the huge mess of books and papers, because the room is rarely as clean as they are here.

This is probably my favorite room in the house, it's small so it seems cozy, and it's got lots of windows so it's always bright (too bright when you are trying to take pictures).

It's right off the kitchen so it's convenient, and central to where we spend alot of time.
This is where we store most of our books, games, and manipulatives that we use everyday. I have two 8ft bookcases in another part of the house where the rest of our books are kept.

More books are kept in this entertainment center turned homeschool book storage center. In the basket on top we keep library books (away from little hands), and our index card box for our scripture memory system. And in the bottom drawers is craft supplies.

This shelf holds all of our school supplies. In the pull out drawers are nature coloring books, drawing books, and books. On the second shelf from the bottom is Ryan's shelf (our 2yr old), he has his own paper, coloring books, and dry erase board. Plus he has own washable markers, colors and dry erase colors. On the bottom shelf I plan to add things for him to keep him busy while we do school, like toys, playdoh, rice tray and such.

Here's our little table and computer. We have the cd player here for audio books and music. Usually it's covered with books and papers. We have another chair but Ryan can reach the table better with the stool, so it happens to be here today. Also the curtains are usually open but had to close them to take the picture, makes it look kinda dark and closed in though.

And this is our DIY chalkboard coffee table. It is usually covered in chalky scribbles.

We have a fireplace in here, which is good because it's the farthest room from the AC/Heating unit so in the winter it gets cool. I love to do school by the fire, and maybe even roast a marshmallow or two. I also display the art prints we study on the mantle.

One of our 'modified for us' workbox systems. We just started using this, this year and my kids love it. It's especially helpful to my 13yo organizationally challenged child., wish I'd discovered this years ago.

And here's another view of the room with maps, dry erase board, posters, and another workbox.

And this is not a great pic but right outside our homeschool room we have a large deck, so you might find us out here in the fall or spring. We also do our messy experiments and crafts here, bird watch, and in the fall have wiener roasts on the fire pit. We have another picnic table in the yard where we sometimes bring some school work.

Well thats it for our school space. Not very big, not very fancy...but we've created alot of memories in this small space and can't wait to create more this year.