Monday, December 14, 2009

Some things we did this past week...

Christmas party at the library and another visit with Santa. Chey got to tell him all the things she forgot the first time.

Before the weather turned nasty and wet again we spent an afternoon raking and playing in the leaves.

Ryan loved throwing the leaves on everyone else (especially Tiny, the dog), but wasn't to thrilled having them thrown on him.

Brittany and Courtney went to a Church youth christmas party with white elephant gifts, Courtney took some big huge clown sunglass and came home with an elf hat and Britt took half a roll of toliet paper and came home with garlic pills.

Saturday we decorated (and ate) cookies.

And Saturday night after we picked Chase up from work we went to Dairy Queen and got Candy Cane Blizzards (YUMMY) and then drove around looking at Christmas lights. Not as many people decorated this year though. And Cheyenne shared a bit of christmas wisdom with us as we drove! She told John," you know who made the whole world and all the animals and cars and trucks and couches? God did! Isn't He amazing! But you know who nobody likes cause he's mean? The devil! I think he just needs some christmas spirit like that green monkey guy, you know the grunch. Cause he was mean and then he got the Christmas spirit and now he's nice, so I think the devil needs some too!"
I couldn't agree more! Obviously someone watched the Grinch this week too!

Then Sunday night we drove thru Bethlehem City put on by West Conroe Baptist! Long wait with little ones, but well worth it. They gave out hot chocolate and candy canes, and the Gideons gave out New Testaments, and there were Choirs singing while we waited. Then we dove thru each important event in the life of Christ from birth to Resurrection. The kids loved all the animals, camels goats chickens, bet you didn't know there was a zebra at the manger, Ha! And the soldiers on horseback. We listened to a narrated story of each event as we drove thru.Very nice and elaborately done.

And today everyone is tired, trying to get school done, (last week before Christmas break YaY), the house is a mess (how does this happen on the weekends) and more rain. Have a great week, I think I'll go find some Christmas Spirit! now or maybe a maid.

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