Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ryan's big boy Bed

We moved Ryan from his crib to Cheyenne's toddler bed which she has outgrown.

He wasn't overly thrilled at first. He kept saying "no mama, no." We also moved him in his own room, and moved Courtney and Cheyenne in together. With Courtney so much better now, we can do that, before it just wasn't possible. Now he can actually have a boys room, not that he cares though. He has slept in his new room and new bed for two nights now and is doing fine. He did fall out last night, I heard BAM,  and then OUCH! Ha! He lived though. He's waking up to go potty at night now, two nights in a row dry, so I think it's definately a good change. He's a big boy now.

Hopefully we can get a full size bed for Brittany soon and give her bed with trundle bed to Court and Chey and everyone will then have a bed. Till then Courtney and Chey are on mattress's on the floor.

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