Monday, August 2, 2010

Our curriculum-2010-2011

Not Back to School Blog Hop

Since I LOVE to look at other peoples blogs and see what they are using for school or what their homeschool spaces look like, I thought I'd participate in the "Not Back to school Blog Hop" and show some glimpses into our home.

So this year we have Cheyenne, 5 in Kindergarten, Courtney's 13 and doing 8th/9th, Brittany 15 doing 10th and Ryan whose 2 will be right in the middle of it all probably getting into trouble.

Bible: Working thru Leading Little Ones to God, Reading Catherine Vos's Child's Story Bible, We have a Character Trait we work on each week usually trying to tie it into our FIAR story along with a memory verse, plus we work on our AWANA's stuff and have the bible on cd and bible story cd's we use thru out the year.

Math: Rod and Staff 1st grade

Phonics/Handwriting: 100 EZ Lessons, Get Ready for the code books, Starfall, and Getty/Dubay Italic Handwriting.

Five In A Row: Cheyenne loves this, we started a few weeks ago so have already rowed a couple of books and she can't wait to do all the activities with this like art which is her favorite.

Extras: We have lots of games, file folders, we try to do a weekly nature walk and keep a nature journal, some children's fine art study books we might try and lots of play time.

Brittany and Courtney
Bible: They are both working thru an inductive bible study on their own and together we are doing devotions from Training Hearts Teaching Minds and memorizing the catechism questions and memory verses.

Math: Courtney-Math U See finishing up Epsilon, and Brittany Teaching Texbooks Algebra I

Language Arts: This year we are working on writing which Brittany has alot of trouble with and that will be incorporated in with all other subjects, plus we'll use here and there from Learning Language Arts, Jensen's Punctuation and Format Writing, and Understanding Writing, and English From the Roots Up

History: Courtney-Mystery of History Vol II with lots of extra reading (she loves to read), and Brittany-Notgrass World History

Science: Apologia's Physical Science for Court and Biology for Britt

Extras: We'll be switching off between Art/Artist and Music/Composer Studies, Health, Drivers Ed for Britt, Geography and whatever else happens to work its way in thru out the year.

And Ryan:
Lots of reading and cuddling, Lots of paper for drawing, and Lots of WASHABLE markers.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

What ever happened to the rinse off markers?? Those were so much better than the washable ones. :)

Sandpiper said...

Yes, gotta love washable markers! We use Leading Little Ones as well and really like it.
Have a good year!

Beloved's Bride Carmen said...

Thanks for inviting us into your "home" on blog land. Enjoy your year! :)

Nichole said...

We're doing "Five in a Row," too! I'm still trying to figure out how to keep the 2.5-year-old occupied while the 5-year-old and I work on school stuff.

Pastorette's Progress said...

I have a 9th grader doing Teaching Textbooks Algebra I-is this your first year to use TT???? and she is also doing Apologia Physical Science. Happy Homeschooling!!