Monday, May 24, 2010

AWANA awards

We had our awana awards ceremony tonight! Cheyenne was very excited, I think she just likes anything where she's in the spotlight.

I forgot my camera for the actual ceremony but Chey was more than willing to pose once we got home.... actually she insisted! Ha!
She got awards for perfect attendance, book award, and Bible scholar.

Cheyenne got a special award. She was Cubbie of the year!!!
Her cubbie teacher said she always knew her verses, and was a great listener and helper.

We are So PROUD of you Cheyenne!!
You've worked very hard hiding God's word in your heart.
My prayer for you is, "that you you continue to grow and become strong, increasing in wisdom, and that the grace of God will always be upon you." Luke 2:40
We Love You!!!

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