Saturday, October 17, 2009

We have a bomb in our toliet!

With Chey there's never a dull moment. She keeps us laughing.
Tonight she was in the bathroom with me and the toliet wasn't flushing right so I lifted the lid to check it.
She said is that a BOMB! And of course I said yes it is, and I hope it doesn't blow up next time you are sitting on the toliet. And she replied, it's not gonna blow up you have to light the string first. Of course, I should have known. Then she ran off to tell Britt all about the bomb in our toliet. She never did ask WHY we have a bomb in our toliet.

And now our lil comedian is sound asleep, not the least bit worried about bombs. I just hope she doesn't tell everyone at church we have bombs in the house. Ha!

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