Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Library Day

Today's theme was alligator snap! at storytime. We heard stories and a video about alligators and colored a picture of an alligator. Then Chey played on the computer (they have preschool games) while Ryan played and Courtney found some books.

Ryan has allergy/sinus type stuff so he's slobbering and
has a runny nose. I think the slobber is because his throat
is sore. So, hence the beautiful bib.

And check out Courtney:

I took Brittany and Courtney for eye exams last friday. Brittany's eye's have improved a little she only needs glasses for reading now and Courtney is nearsighted so she had to get glasses. I felt bad she walked out with her glasses and said wow everything is so clear now. Ha! I had no idea she might need glasses. Well now she's joined the rest of the blind women in the family.

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