Thursday, October 15, 2009

Library-Fire dept

Cheyenne's favorite storytime day every year is when the firemen come.

When they ask who wanted to come try on the firemans coat, guess who was first in line?

When they ask who wanted to help spray the fire hose, guess who was first in line?

And, when they ask the kids to stand next to the fireman for a group picture guess who jumped up right next to him?

She was also first one to sit in the fire truck. Meanwhile, Ryan just wandered around doing his own thing.

Afterward I ask Cheyenne if she wanted to be a fireman when she grew up and she said, "NO, then I'd have to get a partment and I don't want to move out." She thought about it a minute and said, "I think I'll just grow up and be a normal girl." I guess normal girls don't need partments.

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