Friday, September 18, 2009

Day at the Park and High School Fellowship

This was from last fridays High School Fellowship day at the park. While Chase and Brittany hung out the rest of us fed the ducks and played.

Since it was Sept 11th the High Schoolers had a time of praise and worship and read some poems in remembrance of the day.

Then Chase played football, and Britt and several of the girls played frisbee.

And this is what Ryan was doing:

He liked the ducks from afar but this was a little too close for comfort. As you can see from Chey's legs, she got smart and jumped up on the bench. Once the bread was gone they had fun roaring and chasing the ducks back in the lake. They were real brave then.

And here's one last picture. Chey put on my glasses the other day while I had them off putting on makeup.

She said "look I'm a scientist", I said, are you a mad scientist, she said, "No I'm Happy."

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iceoccasions said...

Lisa, you have a beautiful family!! Love the blog.