Friday, September 4, 2009

Busy Week

We've had a busy week! Courtney and I started our Beth Moore bible study this week, it's on tuesday nights and we are studying the book of Daniel. I looks to be a good one, lots of bible history which I really enjoy. Court has been wanting to do a Beth Moore study since she listened in on some of the Esther study I did at the first of the year, so I promised her if they did another one we'd do it together, so here we are. She's actually ahead of me on the homework so I need to catch up. Britt got babysitting duty, John was late getting home so she took Ryan and Chey to the nursery and wound up watching two other kids also.

Wednesday, Courtney had a Psy appointment in Houston. She'd gained 10 lbs in a month, so they took her off the Resperidone and put her on Invega which is not supposed to increase her hunger. We hope! And hopefully it will help with the behavior. We should know in about three days if it is going to help or needs to be increased.

We did get our insurance cards in this week and just in time since Court had a dr appointment and then Ryan decided to get sick Thursday.
He went from this happy lil guy....
To this miserable little man....
He was still running fever this morning so being a holiday weekend I figured I better get him checked out. He had an ear infection and got some medicine. His fever is down tonight so he's feeling better and playing some. Hopefully it won't go back up in the night. But he should feel much better over the weekend.
And for now everyone is just relaxin...Chase is off tonight so he and Molly went to the movies, Britt has a friend over and everyone is getting ready for bed and hopefully a quiet weekend.

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